2013 Test Schedule of the EPS-TOPIK (CBT) in Indonesia

    Jadwal Tes CBT EPS-TOPIK Korea 2013 untuk Indonesia | BNP2TKI - HRD Korea

    According to the MOU on the Sending of Workers between the Ministry of Employment and Labor of the Republic of Korea (MOEL) and the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration of Indonesia(MMT), EPS Test of Proficiency in Korean (EPS-TOPIK, CBT) will be conducted as follows.

    All job seekers who want to work in Korea under the Employment Permit System should pass the EPS-TOPIK, implemented by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea (HRD Korea) authorized by MOEL, and only those who passed the test are allowed to submit the job application form for EPS.

    February, 2013
    • Held by: Ministry of Employment and Labor in the Republic of Korea (MOEL)
    • Implemented by: Human Resources Development service of Korea
    • Cooperated by: Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration of the Indonesia National Board of Placement and Protection Indonesian Overseas Workers
    1. Test Schedule
      jadwal tes CBT eps topik korea bnp2tki
      Test Date: 02.25~03.15, 2013
      ○ Morning (the first division, 30persons)
      - Orientation: 08:30~09:30, - Test time: 09:30~10:40
      ○ Morning (the second division, 30persons)
      - Orientation: 10:50~11:50, - Test time: 11:50~13:00
      All examinees must be in the test room before the orientation time.
    2. (Allowed) Type of Industry: Fishing.
    3. The (expected) number of passers : To be announced
      The number of passer will be announced later separately in the order of the high scores among the applicants who scored more than 80 points out of 200 for each industry.
    4. Test Place and date Announcement
      • Test Place : CBT(Computer Based Test) Examination Room
      • Announcement of Test Result and passers
        • website of EPS-TOPIK(http;//
        • the notice board of BNP2TKI
        • Website of the Employment Permit System (
    5. Qualifications
      • Persons aged between 18 and 39
      • Persons who have not been convicted of imprisonment or heavier punishment
      • Persons who have no record of deportation or departure orders from the Republic of Korea
      • Persons who are not restricted from departure of home country
    6. Registration procedure
      • Period of Registration:
        • February 6~ 8, 2013 (For 3 days)
        • Registration Places: National Board of Placement and Protection Indonesian Overseas Workers (NBPPIOW)
        • Registration method: Individual visit registration
        • Required documents
          • Application form (Free distribution at registration places, only to the applicants
            who paid the test fee
            Registration numbers are written on each application form, and one applicant can receive and submit one application form. If there is any error in an application form, correct it with correction fluid or tape and submit it.
          • A copy of passport (or ID card)
          • 2 photographs of 3.5 x 4.5cm (taken within 6 months)
      • Test Fee
        • Test Fee: 24 USD
          If an applicant who has avoidable reasons cancel his/her registration during registration period, the applicant can get full refund. (However, re-application after cancellation is not allowed)
        • Matters to be aware of
          Those who have applied for CBT EPS-TOPIK this time can not apply for the next EPS-TOPIK.(CBT, PBT) in this year.
    Questions will be selected both from the open question book and from the newly developed closed questions. Test Structure & Allotment of Scores and passing standard
    • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ).
    • R/C and L/C will be implemented continuously without a break.
    View details: HRD Korea

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